About Us

Freshness has always been a prime focus area and a competitive strength for DMartKart. We have pioneered processes, practices, & supply chain techniques that help maintain and boost freshness at DMartkart stores. We believe in offering the best products, sourced locally or imported, for all our customers - whether they walk in or buy them at our online store - www.dmartkart.com .

Our stores are equipped with smart technology to provide world-class service to our customers. We have created a food kiosk - this star-studded interactive technology provides customers with delicious recipes with a simple click. The platform lists essential ingredients and required measurements so that the customer can get a more focused shopping experience. Our self-assist kiosks come with a call facility

These kiosks are available across the store which helps the customer to locate the exact aisle and shelf, thereby cutting down idle store time. It is inbuilt with a call facility which enables customer call support. The call facility sends an immediate intimation to the nearest store assistant, thereby not leaving the customer unattended.

We believe it is the powerful combination of all our services & the convenience we provide to our customers, which makes them come back every time. Our goal is to help our customers and their families to enjoy a healthier life, by spending less, and smiling more!